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28 August
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→stop banging away on my kaleidoscope
I'm Ari, also known as Max or Adam West. I never know how to write these things without it sounding like a dating site introduction.

I'm a wife, a mama to two awesome little kids and a bit of a huge nerd. I love Batman, Aquaman, Nightwing and I'm even starting to like Superman{I'm a DC Girl}. I'm also into Star Wars. My little guy Vincent is a HUGE Star Wars fan, but he is mainly obsessed with Mandalorians. Boba Fett, he's a mando, but it's his dad Jango that Vince is a massive fan of.

I don't have much time for geeking out really, I am a stay at home mama to my kids Vince & Eddie, and Eddie is just a baby. When I do have a spare moment I head down the back to my sewing studio and sew rad clothes for my kids. If I have the time I write tutorials or blog about my DIY adventures over on my website, Max California.
→stop draining the colour out of my scene
→just play me something I can dance to
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this song gets me through the tough times: 99 Red balloons by Goldfinger
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